This questionnaire provides information about current ethical problems in the arts and culture sector which are no more than two years old (2021-23).

Before answering, please read the ethical guidelines for the art and culture sector at

We ask that your answers do not mention your name or the names or identifiable information of persons or organizations related to the events. All information is treated anonymously and confidentially.

Information is collected for the development of ethical guidelines and for the mapping of other necessary measures. Forum Artis does not provide advice on how to resolve situations.

If necessary, please ask for more information from:

Questionnaire regarding ethical problems in the arts and culture sector

The ethical guidelines are recommended to be followed as applicable and as suitable for each specific art field, actor and situation, along with the relevant legislation.

Please answer the survey if you have experienced unethical treatment or actions during 2021-2023. All information is treated confidentially.